This color is the extrovert at any party! It is loud and social while stimulating conversation. Hotels and resorts use soft shades of this color as well as restaurants since it triggers your appetite and a feeling of contentment. Guests tend to stay longer to eat and talk surrounded by this hue.



Sports teams use this popular color for their team because it represents energy and showiness. Kids and teens are drawn to it because of its relationship to fun experiences. Board games and children’s products use this bright, youthful color in promoting toys and sales.

It is associated with good health and many over the counter medications use it in their packaging. An attention getter, it is used for safety in life rafts and in construction zones for vests and traffic cones.

It’s a trending color right now and seen in home decor and furnishings. A mix of joyful yellow and exciting red make a fun and adventurous orange. Its pleasant and charming association makes it a winning color.