When you were a kid, you didn't think twice about picking up a crayon and producing marks on paper. It was encouraged and usually displayed on the refrigerator door. Somewhere along the way, you began to feel self-conscious as the end result was often judged by friends for it's representational qualities.

Seated Nude             ©nancgordon

Seated Nude             ©nancgordon

Drawing is all about making marks. They may be thick or thin, interrupted, curved or straight, black or a color, full strength or a tone but they culminate into a mindful image. Practicing on a regular basis helps condition your eyes to examine shape, proportion, spatial relationships and composition. Drawing informs your paintings and is the foundation for them. If the drawing doesn't work then the painting won't either.

As an adult, I draw smudges, blotches, spots and lines. There is something about line I find the most compelling and in as few as possible I try to get across the gesture as well as the volume. I use ink and love the fluidity of it but it's also a demanding medium. If a line is misplaced there's is no going back to correct it. 

Drawing is a discipline critical to any art form. It takes persistence but the rewards are considerable. That long forgotten crayon transformed into another medium for me but still allows me to make a mark.