Whistler Mountain in Whistler, British Columbia

I had to share these photos since I’d never seen anything quite like it. It took three separate gondola rides to reach the uppermost part of the mountain (about 7,000 feet above sea level). One of the rides was the "peak to peak" which is the tallest and longest gondola in the world. Some of the gondolas have glass floor viewing. I found this less dramatic than it sounds since it was a rectangle about 2 feet by 3 feet where you saw the tops of trees. The panoramas are best seen from the sides. 

©nancgordon   All rights reserved.

©nancgordon   All rights reserved.

The air was crisp, clean and refreshing (a major relief from the Dallas heat) and the scenery unbelievably spectacular. You could hike around the top and I even got to play in the snow! 

This was so inspiring that I'm contemplating some landscape paintings in the future!