On a road trip from Texas to Colorado, I stopped at Cadillac Ranch in Armarillo, TX to see this iconic public art installation. It’s ten old cadillacs half buried in the ground at an angle with the back half exposed in the air. Spray cans are scattered everywhere and a thick haze of paint hangs in the hot summer air making it difficult to breath. The minute you get out of your car, the paint smell hits you hard. People from all over stop and pick up the discarded spray cans on the dusty, hard packed ground and spray paint the cars. 

The installation is ever evolving due to the multitude of people who spray paint over everyone else’s creations. Their participation in constantly repainting the cars is the heart and soul of this roadside attraction. Periodically the cars are sprayed a solid color and the process begins anew.

Cadillac Ranch was created in 1974 by a group of artists from San Francisco called the Ant Farm. It’s located on historic Route 66 on the outskirts of Amarillo. You can see it from the road and stop along the side of the highway to walk to it. 

It was a grateful distraction from the five hour drive to Armarillo with another eight hours to go. Something fun to see and participate in!