The world can be a messy place. There is a whole industry of professional organizers who make a living creating calm out of stress and anxiety by organizing one’s belongings. For some people it’s human nature to let things pile up and overwhelm you while trying to work and play.

As an artist, I get so involved with painting that papers tend to collect on my desk, paints get misplaced and brushes hide under it all! It’s a nuisance to spend time looking for a specific paint color or brush. I have different types of paint and a system to find them when needed. All my tube watercolors and acrylics are placed in transparent containers and acrylics in bottles or jars in a system on the wall so I can see them clearly. My watercolor and acrylic brushes are together in containers. I have labeled boxes for my papers and everything is color coded so I know my collage papers are in one box and hand painted papers in another.

Now that my brushes and paint are organized I can focus on what I love and not spend precious time searching for things. I can “keep calm and paint on”.