Natural Inspirations

I explore botanical gardens, farmer’s markets, backyard gardens, flower shops and even hotel lobbies looking for flowers, succulents and leaves that speak to me. Mindful of bees and on high alert for mosquitos, I take countless photos factoring in the light and where the shadows fall. My watercolors then capture the very moment in time when the plant’s beauty is in full bloom.

I’m drawn to the elegant forms and graceful lines of the blossoms and leaves and find them a never ending source of inspiration. 

I’ve learned I don’t have a green thumb but I do have a real passion for plants and take joy in being surrounded by them. I’ve also learned not to wear sandals in a cactus garden.

The living and breathing plants somehow feel peaceful as they appeal to all my senses. I’m uplifted by their form, color and line which I then translate into my watercolor paintings.