There’s nothing like a morning cup of coffee. The smell and caffeine kick prepare me for the day and signal the start. One morning, I began thinking about using coffee to paint with since I love to experiment. 

Using new and unusual materials is fun and can expand your thinking in creating art. I’m always trying out various art supplies to keep things interesting. 

So I decided to give coffee a shot (pun intended). I only started drinking it a couple of years ago and love the taste. I brewed a pot and began with coffee grinds on watercolor paper. This proved to be an unbelievably messy process and after vacuuming my studio three times, I abandoned the grinds!


I started again with brewed coffee and found it easy to paint with. It acted similarly to watercolor and the aroma was a wonderful byproduct. I painted primarily textures and patterns and plan to use them as backgrounds for drawings. 

I find it exciting to “research” all manner of materials. It’s helps me keep an open mind and might just send me in an unknown direction. Just like a fresh cup of Joe on any given day.