When I was a kid, my mom would buy the refrigerated pop up pastries you would put in the oven and bake. The best part was spreading the sugar glaze all over the pastry. I would do this multiple times to get the optimum amount of sugar. Little did I know I’d be doing the same thing years later while watercolor painting!

The process I use, watercolor glazing, is a lengthy one with big results! Old Flemish masters like Vermeer used it in oil painting to create luminosity and depth. It’s a slow method of building transparent washes of color over another color. It creates a radiance that can’t be accomplished any other way. 


Watercolor glazing can be a difficult process. The amount of water to pigment is critical so you don’t lose the white of your paper or muddy your colors. You slowly build your colors and the painting literally comes to life in front of your eyes! It takes an enormous amount of patience but the end result is well worth it. Kind of like the multiple sugar layers on a warm pastry.