I absolutely love watercolor painting yet at some point would like to paint much larger. It would be difficult to do that in watercolor. So I’m beginning to use acrylics to paint in a sizable scale. This brings me to a current 30” x 40” landscape painting on a stretched canvas. 

Here is the initial “sketch” in ultramarine blue indicating placement and values. I’m sure it will evolve as I begin the painting. 

It’s a completely different approach from my watercolor paintings. In watercolor, I have everything planned from the design, composition, layout and palette before I even pick up a brush. Then I begin a long process of building up glazes to achieve glowing colors. Here I drew the sketch with a brush onto the canvas using a photo as a visual reference and will paint it as I go along.

I’m working on a number of watercolor paintings and should have a new one soon. In between the many glazes I’ll be working on this landscape and will post my progress. Come along for the ride and see how it develops!